About Us
Award winning websites, unforgettable designs and much more.
One Wave Designs

One Wave Designs is a Hawaii-based marketing and web development firm offering a full range of advertising, design and programming services. We provide strategy on visualization, technical development, internet marketing and web hosting with an integrated approach that leverages the power and measurability of the Internet. Whether it’s a simple and clean logo design or an integrated advertising campaign that spans multiple mediums, our exceptionally creative team of designers and developers collaborate to deliver the ultimate end-user experience.

Our company has flourished because of one main reason: our people. Our culture is one that engenders innovation, exploration and provocative thinking, and as a result, these are the types of individuals we attract and retain. When clients see One Wave Designs’ team displaying a combination of passion and creativity along with a genuine camaraderie and mutual respect, they know they will get best-in-class thinking and service.

Over the years we have adhered to three core philosophies.

  • We strive to fully understand our clients’ target demographic, brand, and competition.
  • We realize that no two clients are alike. Our custom services are based on the client’s organizational structure and technology needs, and there is always a focus on developing a solution that drives success.
  • We develop all of our solutions with an acute focus on ROI; whether it’s response from an AdWords campaign, sales from
    an e-commerce site or qualified sales leads generated from a website, our goal is to drive strong ROI for our clients.

Since our founding in 2004, we have continued to refine our skills, stay on top of emerging trends and technologies, and hone our strategies to deliver cutting-edge solutions across all disciplines. Our clients recognize our dedication and expertise and remain with us long term. We hope to have the same opportunity with your organization.

One Wave Designs will be  implementing a phased approach in the development of your websites. The first phase is to conduct a Planning Phase, to outline all the specific functional and technical requirements and align on goals and success metrics. Based on the information gathered in the Planning Phase, we will have a clear understanding of the specific deliverables and scope of work to be developed as part of the website project.

We use a standard methodology for all our projects. However, we scale our approach to the complexity of the project to ensure that simpler projects are not slowed by unnecessary procedure, while more complex initiatives receive additional planning and documentation to avoid cost overruns. Our process ensures the following benefits for our clients:

  • A deeper understanding of the target audience.
  • Clear understanding of how return on your investment will be measured and achieved.
  • A systematic approach to developing the solution with a focus on requirements gathering, analysis and validation prior to development.
  • Offers several checkpoints throughout the project lifecycle to allow the re-evaluation of priorities and reconsideration of requirements.

If you’re interested in working with us on your next project, we’re available and here to help.

What we offer
Web Design

Every single website we create is custom crafted and inspired by the Hawaiian Islands. Form and function, working together to create visual eye candy, maximum search engine visibility and purely profitable web designs!

Graphic Design

One Wave Designs creates visually rich graphics that make a lasting impression. Custom built for each customer after extensive research into your demographic audience. We help create a brand identity for you and you business.


We take the time to study user important Google metrics like user interactions, time on site,  bounce rates and more. We analyze every aspect of your website’s performance maximize their traffic and increase internet sales.

Social Media

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and other social media websites present unique and effective marketing opportunities. We help build your social media audience  with profitable posts.

Website Hosting

Located in the largest, fastest data center in North America, our hosting servers are the  fastest available. We guarantee 99.9% uptime and provide 24 hours a day/365 days a year phone support.

Mobile Apps

Most people are spending money on their phones and tablets. Having a mobile app for your business means increasing sales and gaining new customers everywhere.


We use a proven method approach to all of our projects. Each step is designed to have a clear understanding of our clients' business and the scope of work to be completed. The result is over 2 decades of successful designs, marketing campaigns and satisfied clients.

First we conduct an in-depth interview to completely understand your business, goals and demographics to ensure a successful project.


Our team of designers will explore the look and feel of the various sections of your website through visual design to create an awesome campaign.


During the build phase, we bring
together all of the effort of the first
two phases to bring your and our ideas to life.


After internal testing and confirming all aspects of the project, we launch your new design and continue to provide world class support.