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Hawaii State Teachers Association
Professional Development of Hawaii State Teachers Association

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Hawaii State Teachers Association

Suffice to say, The Hawaii State Teachers Assocation is one of our most important projects and one we’re more than proud of. We were originally hired by the HSTA back in 2017 to rebuild there existing website. Their site at that time was outdated, not responsive and not performing to their needs. Working very closely with the teachers and the staff at the HSTA, One Wave Designs created a whole new website and online experience that provided the teachers with a new source for all of their needs. That site was a huge success and served them for almost 5 years.

In 2021 the HSTA hired us again, wanting to re-up their website with a new design and increased items to help their teachers. Once again, we were happy to help. Taking everything we learned from the previous years, a new website was designed, built and implemented. Now all of the public teachers in the state have a single online source for their educational careers. Interactive calendars, member only newsletters and news updates, membership renewals and much more.

The website worked so well, the Professional Development department of the HSTA asked us to take over their website. Their department handles all of the public teachers’ annual online continuing education classes and membership renewals. After months of working in partnership with the PD HSTA deparment, we utilized the design of the main HSTA website and produced an effective and easy to use source for the teachers to purchase their annual courses and keep their licenses active.
Use the 2 links on the left to view either of their awesome websites. Mahalo to the HSTA and the PD HSTA for trusting us with such an important task and giving us the opportunity to help out the wonderful teachers throughout all of the islands of Hawaii!