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New Life Launch Pad


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New Life Launch Pad

New Life Launch Pad is one of the most successful recovery and community based non-profits in the country. Based in North Carolina, they have over 20 individual homes and several treatment counseling centers around the south east. The aim of Launch Pad is to create a safe environment for individuals who are serious about recovery to begin their path of sober lover living. Their mission is to be a resource of hope and motivating instruction in the lives of our members. The Launch Pad system includes behavioral support and facilitated workshops to help restore values that may have been compromised by substance use or dependence.

They hired us in 2021 to redo their current website with a new design that would help get awareness out to people who need their services. Thousands of lives have been helped by these amazing people and it’s truly a blessing they chose One Wave Designs to work together in their quest to better the world. Mahalo Launch Pad for trusting us with such an important part of giving back.